I love writing resources–I devour them voraciously during my writing, editing and querying processes, and I enjoy sharing information with others. To that end, I will be blogging with tips & tricks, agent interviews and generally sharing my favorite resources.

#HowToAuthor, Resource Sheets/Guides

Query Form Examples
Agent Nudge Examples
Questions for The Call

Agent Interviews

Beth Phelan (The Bent Agency)
Bridget Smith (Dunham Literary)
Carlie Webber (CK Webber Associates)
Joanna Volpe (New Leaf Literary)
Kate Testerman (KT Literary)
Moe Ferrara (Book Ends)
Monika Verma (Levine Greenberg Rostan)
Thao Le (Sandra Dijkstra Literary Agency)

Query Writing (and Agent Communication) Advice

Query Shark This is the first-place-you-must-go resource. Be patient and thorough, and read through the Query Shark archives, and you’ll get a good sense of how to write a proper query. Janet Reid’s style/preferences aren’t the ultimate… but they are a solid foundation to basic query writing.

My post: How to write a stellar query

How to write those pesky follow-ups from Mother. Write. (Repeat.) A really good primer on writing follow-up nudges to agents that have had your material for a while.

Nudging & Multiple Offers Part 1 & Part 2 by Lydia Sharp. A good two-part series on what the heck to say when you *do* get offers from agents.

When (not) to Resubmit by agent Julia A. Weber

/r/YAwriters discussions on Query/Process topics

Agent Tracking & Info

Query Tracker The best place to gauge agent response time, where you are in the queue, and keep track of who you want to query/have queried/responses, etc.

Agent Query Connect Lots of useful info in the forums.

Literary Rambles Their archive of agent profiles is invaluable, especially for those agents who don’t have Publisher’s Marketplace listings. A great place to crosscheck what an agent has said they want.

Writing Process & Misc Resources

My post: On writing to YA trends

/r/YAwriters Discussion Archive

Revision & Editing

My post: Learning to Kill Your Darlings

My post: Revision Tips 1: Types of Revisions

My post: Revision Tips 2: Revision methods

Susan Dennard’s Guide to Revisions An amazing, six step guide with PDF WORKSHEETS. I used a lot of Susan’s techniques for my first, major revision.

/r/YAwriters discussions on Writing/Meta topics


My post: Book titles & branding

My post: How to set-up a professional author blog/website (2013 edition)

My post: How to set-up a professional author website (2017 edition)

/r/YAwriters discussions on Marketing/Indies topics


Critique Partners

My post: Finding the right critique partners

How About We CP?

Every six months, /r/YAwriters hosts a CP hook-up thread.



My post: How to enter contests (and stay sane)

Dahlia Adler’s How to know if a contest is right for you A common sense, must read post on entering agent contests.

All of these blogs frequently host agent contests throughout the year. When in doubt, follow the curators of all these contests on Twitter and you’ll invariably hear about any contest locations I’ve missed.

Brenda Drake

Miss Snark’s First Victim


Some, but not all, of the contests to look for on these and more blogs: Pitch Madness (Brenda Drake), Pitch Wars (Brenda Drake), Query Kombat (Michelle4Laughs)